Help prevent water pollution

from your front yard!

 Gutter Critters® can help reduce many of the pollutants responsible for water degradation and help preserve Mother Earth's waterways for future generations.


At Gutter Critters®, we're dedicated to preserving Nature's valuable resources.


Water supplies are subject to the effects of our daily activities more than we realize. We are dedicated to applying Best Manage Practices, or BMP's, along with the latest technologies to combat large sources of pollution in practical manners. With our simple device, you can help by filtering water flowing in your gutter, regardless if it's yours or your neighbors. This sets a positive example that will spread the word of personal responsibility that can compliment other BMP's, such as recycling.


Each year, tons of materials enter our storm drain systems that lead to untreated water flowing into our streams, rivers, and eventually our oceans. Grass clippings, oil, grease, leaves, dog waste, paper, plastic, the list goes on and on.  Gutter Critters® are designed to be used by anyone concerned in helping preserve our best resource, Mother Earth. Gutter Critters® are manufactured from filter fabric which stops fine particles, grass and leaves, an oil absorbent material to reduce hydrocarbons, and washed gravel to slow the water, which helps filtration.  The EPA has determined that urban activities such as lawn maintenance and car washing have a significant negative effect on the quality of the waters of America.